Data Integration/Sync Software Solutions at SushTech

We specialise into Data Sync/Integration software solutions.

We can help you by linking your website/database from one platform to another. Some of the examples where we have helped different clients and could help you are as follows:-

    • Link your website data to your suppliers, Vendors, Warehouses for inventory and order management
    • Your website/database to the database/website of fulfilment companies
    • Real time stock updates from supplier’s database
    • Automated regular product updates (addition/deletion) from supplier’s database/website
    • Your website/database to the database/website of shipping companies
    • Real time stock updates between your website, POS, warehouse (We can also link your multiple websites)
    • Single stock management for your websites in multiple countries
    • We also provide data scrapping solutions from supplier or competitor websites including marketplaces like Amazon/eBay.

If you have an idea about how SushTech could help your business with data integration services, please get in touch to discuss your needs further. We customise our solutions to match your requirements, therefore, we can build a bespoke solution to suit your needs.