Software Product Development at SushTech

Your big product idea should not remain unrealized because of lack of resources, outsource product development and focus on your users.

Your big idea is your baby.
You have spent sleepless nights, defied naysayers and walked on broken glass to raise funds and build a team.
You know what the market wants. What remains is execution- turning an idea into a product.
This is a huge hurdle, especially if you don’t have the technical capability.
The ideal solution would be to build up your technical capacity. But that takes time. Another solution could be to outsource a part of product development to a technical partner.

But you need to be careful, because outsourcing can blow up in your face if you

  • Don’t research and thoroughly vet your technology partner
  • Are not specific with your requirements
  • Are not willing to pay good money and keep looking for bargains
  • Are aloof from the entire development process
  • Don’t make your partner responsible for future maintenance and upgrade.

And, you’ve worked hard and invested much into your Baby.
But, technology is expanding and evolving at an extremely rapid pace and business owners are having difficulty keeping up with product releases, new platforms and software developments, all while retaining a high level of quality and service to their clients.

Perhaps, you’re struggling to obtain quick product releases and accelerating time-to-market, while remaining competitive and strategic. Or, maybe you are having difficulty realizing your idea due to limited resources or technical capability.

So, now you’re looking for a partner to assist you with developing your great idea into a product!
We know that Professionals use Professionals. When you need legal assistance, you work with a lawyer. When you need help managing your company’s finances, you work with an Accountant. And when you need help developing a product, you work with a Technical Partner; one who has the ability to bring life to not only your initial idea, but also to your future ideas.

You need a partner who can add value to your vision and manage the end to end solution in order to provide reduced software development cycles and decreased development costs.

Benefits of Outsourcing your Product Development

  • Access to specialized expertise and resources.
  • Gain the needed flexibility to develop new products and add enhancements to existing products.
  • Improved efficiencies and decreased time-to-market of business-critical products and projects.
  • Increased cost savings by operating expenses and overhead being reduced.
  • The ability to focus on your core competencies

While outsourcing your product development can provide these and many other benefits to your business, including providing a competitive edge, be careful to choose the right product development partner. You want someone who has the ability to work well with your team, incorporate a well-defined product development process and has the appropriate level of technical expertise you need.

Some of the capabilities you need to look for in Product Development Partner

Works well with your team: Product development is a process that is people-driven. The relationships between the product development partner and client teams can have huge impact upon costs and the time needed to develop a product. A strong relationship that includes continual and seamless communication throughout the design and development process will be a great asset.

Incorporates a well-defined product development process: A product development partner is in the business of developing products quickly and efficiently; therefore, allowing for several:

key advantages

  • Provides for clear understanding of the requirements upfront
  • Key milestones and timelines are easily understood
  • Potential bottlenecks or resource gaps are quickly identified and eliminated

Has the appropriate level of technical expertise needed: A major challenge to most client development teams is not having sufficient resources to meet the demand of the project. Not just in terms of headcount, but also those who possess the necessary range of technical expertise. Thus, the product development partner will supplement the client teams by presenting the skills and capabilities required to develop the contracted product.

WHY Outsource your Product Development to SushTech?

With more than 14 years of experience in software product development, we have the technical and business expertise to deliver the high quality and ROI-driven Product Development Services you require.

SushTech employs best practices and methodologies to develop high-performance applications that will bring your Baby to the Market!