Data Scraping Services by SushTech

Our Solution

SushTech is an expert in providing customised data scraping solutions to its clients. If you are looking to get more transparency on competitor prices on eBay or Amazon, we can help you. You can watch and match competitor prices and also obtain higher margin on your products by pricing them appropriately. We can design a solution which can work according to your requirements. Our solution will provide you with a complete report of the prices of your products on Amazon and eBay so that you can price them accordingly to win more business.

If you are looking to compare your product prices with the product prices appearing on competitor websites, we can help you with a solution to do that as well.

How does it work

During our initial discussions, you can let us know how many products and their prices you want to track, how frequently you want to get the reports, We will provide you with a quote for the service. Once we agree on the products to track on Amazon or eBay, we initiate the set up process for you. You receive a flexible solution where you can change the number of products you wish to track at your will and we can adjust our reports accordingly.

For comparing your product prices with competitor websites:- We will discuss with you which product prices you would like to compare, which competitor websites you would like to monitor and the frequency with which you would like to monitor the prices, we will then arrange for reports to be produced which will enable you to see the prices that your competitors are charging for the products, this will enable you to take advantage of the information generated. Reports can be generated and provided at a frequency at your specification.